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What is push notifications plugin

Push notifications and SSL: features, Uses, best push notification plugin in detail

Push notification has arrived like a new technology that permits webmasters and app modifiers to reach out to the users.  It is one of the sealed ways of communication through the promising SSL providers which creates the whole method encrypted. In this article, learn about what is push notifications plugin is, a few of the best push notifications plugins in 2021, some of their features, and their advantages. You will also learn about the best SSL providers.

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What is push notifications plugin?

Push notification plugins are in simple words popup notification messages that usually pop up in the notification bar of your smartphone or computer display screen. These notification plugins are clickable and you can enable or disable them at your convenience. The most convenient part of plugin notification features is that you can view the notifications even in the closed user browser setting.

For example, a notification plugin is important in advertising your site’s updates to the website visitors. It helps in converting the website visitor to trustworthy followers as well as customers. Some of the best push plugin notifications will be mentioned in the latter part of the article. Now, after learning what is push notifications plugin is, let’s learn about them. SSL providers.

What is SSL for push notification plugin?

SSL is the abbreviated term for Secure socket layer, which uses symmetric cryptography where a new key gets generated for all single connections along with a public key authentication. The feature of SSL encryption is important for the push notification plugin part when you are dealing with any kind of monetary transaction at any other form of confidential activity. With SSL secured push notification plugin usage, communication with your customers becomes highly secured.

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The best SSL Plugin provider 2021.

1. (

If your site requires basic security control and there’s no need for an expensive robust security control system, then is probably the best SSL plugin provider in 2021. After becoming a consumer for, you will get a DV SSL issued certificate which will guarantee you that the site is being sealed from unknown activities. There are other plans as well see the feature part for this:

  • The site gets sealed with DV/EV/OV/wildcard SSL.
  • Good for business, e-commerce sites at a warranty of even more than $2 million.
  • You can easily afford packs.
  • The basic plan comes with $36.75 each year.
  • More than 120 countries use
  • Works in the association of more than 99% of the browsers.
  • You can have chat, phone, and email support.
  • Convenient account manager.

It’s the best  SSL provider for fast functioning as well as a cheap way of getting an SSL.

2. Go Daddy – comes with malware protection. ( )

Go Daddy is one of the best SSL plugin providers which is also famous for domain registration of your site. The best part about using GoDaddy for an SSL certificate is that it turns out rewarding for you. You can actually use more types of security protection for your website. The top features of Godaddy as best SSL plugin providers 2021 are-

  • You will fully site encrypted with Godaddy.
  • There is an option for malware scanning along with the protection.
  • You will also get cleanups for the site with necessary remedies.
  • You will have DDoS protection along with boosted site backups.
  • Good for smaller sites Where dozens of domains are not needed to secure.

3. Sectigo – The durable long-term SSL certificate. (

If reliability counts in terms of the best SSL plugin providers 2021, then Sectigo definitely comes in. Its company gives its customers a list of security programs inclusive of both SSL and TLS certificates. For the last twenty or more years, Sectigo has issued a hundred plus SSL certificates. Features include-

  • More than 100 million certificates have been issued to date.
  • There is a customized option for the users of about one, three, or five years certificates.
  • The customer support team is there to help 24*7.
  • You will get 256-bit encryption, which has been included in the plan.
  • SSL certificates are issued for EV/OV/DV/wildcard SSL/Single SSL certificates and multi-domain SSL.

4. GlobalSign – made for enterprises. (

You can also use Globalsign as an SSL for push notifications plugin features if you have an enterprise site. There are more than 2.5 million SSL-issued certificates with Global Sign. Some of the detailed features related to GlobalSign are-

  • Personal enterprise-oriented managed SSL service.
  • You will have an unlimited server license.
  • There is also the availability of volume discounts.
  • There are more than 2.5 issued SSL certificates for enterprises.

5. The DigiCert- SSL lifecycle management. ( )

With DigiCert, your push notifications plugin usage is completely safe because it is specially designed for e-commerce transactions along with related data. With DigiCert, you will get the following features as a plus point-

  •  It comes with a centralized certificate tool for management.
  • You will get two million warranties.
  • It has the recommendation from the best banks of the world.
  • You can also have a role-based delegation for your push notification plugin.
  • It is mainly designed for securing larger organizations.

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Push notification plugin: what is its use?

After knowing about the top SSL providers associated with push notification plugins, it’s time to know what is its use! Or in other words the importance of the Push notification plugin. The advantages of notification plugins are:

1.    The increase of traffic.

One of the basic advantages of push notifications plugin is that it will help in the campaign launch of your website. With this, the subscriber base grows along with it the return traffic also develops. Notification will automatically pop up with the push notifications plugins and as a result, consumers will find it hard to ignore the site. To have a trace at the traffic range which acts as an advantage of push notifications plugin, there are several statistical trackers like So, install the tracker and you are good to go for your site.

2.    Diversity of campaigning.

Other advantages of the push notifications plugin are that it has a diverse appearance range for your site campaigning. In a push notification structure, the basic elements included are a text image, header, and link. It makes the advertisement process interactive as well as quite a bit engaging for the subscribers. The users can also be navigated to diverse pages with the call to action button.

3.    Customization of messages in the notification bar.

The push notification plugin understands that all visitors may not get attracted to a specific feature of your site. Therefore, it uses the segmentation function to know the interests of the viewers and based on that modified the message of the push notifications plugin. The information related to the viewers is accessed as soon as the visitor subscribes to the website. Third,  advantage of push notification plugin is the above customization feature.

4.    Convenient in using.

Managing a website is no child’s play. With the push notification plugin, website markets get all the necessary access to tools to manage push campaigns. And in this way, it saves a lot of time for the marketer to strategist their campaigning method and results in effective campaigning. There is no unnecessary problem for the users related to how to use the plugin technology.

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Advanced features of push notifications plugin.

Below are mentioned pointwise some of the advanced features of the push notifications plugin. Most of these features are well maintained in the best plugins. The features are-

  • The facility of trigger notifications comes with the plugin. It helps in the interests of the visitor based on the activities on his devices and accordingly sends automated push notifications.
  • The second feature of the push notifications plugin is professional quality customer segmentation.
  • You will have A/B testing and can unlock the best push notifications for growing the business.
  • A deep e-commerce oriented notification for collecting maximum revenue from the visitors.
  • Guidance with analytical data for increasing the trafficking and acquiring the sales revenue.
  • A time-sensitive notification will be sent to each visitor’s device based on the location of his or her region.
  • You can send notifications to your visitors even if they are offline. But they will receive the message once they come online.

5 best push notifications plugin in 2021.

Some of the inherent qualities for the best push notification are its time-sensitive criteria, reminder, marketing notifications, and content notifications. Based on the traits below are listed the best push notifications plugin in 2021:

1. OneSignal.

Among the free plugin web notifications, one signal comes as one. It is best known as a WordPress push notification plugin. A by default notification reaches the readers once new content is added to your website. Some of the features for one signal are-

  • The process starts working within the fifteen-minute time limit.
  • The second feature of one signal as one of the best push notifications plugin in 2021, is real-time reporting. You can track or view the conversion performance for your message.
  • More than billions of notifications per day with the plugin.
  • With an A/B testing comparison, you can judge the performance of the notification.
  • Customization of messages with super segmentation.
  • Generic reminder if the visitors haven’t visited your site for a long time.

2. Webpushr Web push notifications. ( )

Among the fastest-growing push notifications, webpushr has ranked a respected position. Its magnificent features make the plugin site one of the best push notifications plugin in 2021. Some of the highlights of the plugin site are-

  • An excellent support system for woo commerce sites.
  • There’s a free configuration facility available that send automatic
  • Have a count in the number of subscribers.
  • Ranges of notifications listing from a price drop, recent product sales, and abandon carts can be sent.
  • Advanced features like:
  • User segmentation.
  • Advanced user analytics
  • Customizable opt-in.
  • You can select either free or premium plans.
  • Use emojis or images also.

3. Push notifications for WP & AMP. (

It’s very easy to use web push notifications where the users can have free as well as paid facilities of notification plugin. One of the striking features is that push notifications arrive at the severely recent post. You can have both audiences as well as campaign reports through this push notification plugin tool. Some of the features of Push notifications for WP & AMP as best push notifications plugin in 2021 are –

  • The setup is very simple and free.
  • Supports PWA friendliness with the permission of offline push notifications.
  • There is also AMP compatibility.
  • A notification alert is also present.
  • There’s a dashboard status system with easy to understand setup status.

4. PushAlert -Web push Notification. (

The Pushalert notification helps the subscribers to push notifications and automates integration. An easy-to-use interface is also there near the editor feature, which allows an automatic push notification feature once a post is published. The top features of PushAlert as the best push notifications plugin in 2021 are-

  • It reaches ten times faster to the viewers the plugin notification as opposed to the old marking strategies like emails and Sms.
  • There is high visibility without even a single click.
  • You will get engaged with a lot of visitors and as a result, gave increased traffic ranges.
  • Auto function for both mobile phones and desktops even in the times of turned off notification.
  • Can work with chrome, firefox safari, etc.
  • A broader target specific audience based on the interests and tastes.
  • Up to 3000 subscribers, you can have the free plan.

5. Push engage ( )

If you are having a WordPress or any other blogging site then for you PushEngage is the best push notifications plugin in 2021. The notification is mailed to the site viewers and makes the audience more engaging. Some of the best features include:

  • Even without using HTTPS, push engage can enable push notifications.
  • Varied sites are managed along with adding multiple people to the site.
  • All team members have control access for the varied screens.
  • It is used globally in more than 150 countries.
  • It has multiple browser support.
  • There can be multiple browser support with this.

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Thus, push plugin notification is one of the best probable ways of modern website marketing. With this type of plugin, you can have an increase in the traffic You may use among the best push notifications plugins in 2022, but your site should add one of the best SSL providers so that you can have an encrypted system of information passage. Many of the sites are also free of cost or fairly affordable. So, study all the necessary factors and make your wise decision for the website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the character limit for the push notifications plugin?

Answer- If you are having android devices then the character limit for the title is about 65. And for description, there is a 240 character limit.
And if you are using, an iOS device, then in total you will have a 178 character limit.

can I use emoji in the push notification plugin?

Answer – of course, you can use emoji for your push notification plugin. But you must have a paid subscription for that and also you should trust reliable plugin sites like Webpushr web push notifications.

How many times in a day can I send push notifications?

Answers- You can send push notifications with the motive of advertising your enterprise a maximum of three times a day. And more usage than three times for a single visitor of your site can result in blocking or reporting of your site.

Do I require an SSL certificate?

Answer- SSL certificate is important for your site so that there no case arises related to data theft or phishing scams or data breaches. It’s at large creates a safe environment for both the site admin and the viewers.

Which type of SSL should I opt for single and multiple domains?

Answer- For a single domain, the Single domain SSLs are good. You can access them in standard, OV, or EV form. And in case you are looking for securing multi subdomains then choose Wildcard SSL for better protection and performance.



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