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What is chatbots

Chatbots: Benefits, how to use, best chatbots, and more

Are you in the process of growing your business? Then probably chatbot is one of the essential tools you should add to your website marketing list. In this article, you will get to know about what is chatbots! the top chat or tools, how to use them as well as the benefits of chatbots. Once you get to know the details of your chatbot operation then you will be at an advanced stage of website creation.

What is chatbots?

Chatbots are an Artificial Intelligence oriented tool used for stimulating human communication with the means of text chats as well as voice messages or maybe both. There are multiple. denotation for a chat to the tool. It is also associated with names like a bot, IM bot, or task bot. This toolbox is specially used for supporting 24*7 conversations with the customers or clients of a site and is mainly used in an e-commerce site.

The example of What is chatbots? Is the pop-up box that arrives on your display screen every time you open a site. The AI communication chatbots, generally pop up by asking you what type of help you need. A chat or also operates in two ways.

  • The first is through machine learning and
  • The second is through pre-setting a list of guidelines.

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What are Chatbots used for?

The evolution of chatbots has occurred since the latter part of the last decade with the growth of AI-based robot technologies. Irrespective of larger as well as smaller companies have looked for the best chatbots as soon as they got to know Where chatbots used for! Some of the companies which have broadened their business with the use of chat are Facebook, telegram, Skype, and other fast-growing applications. Some of the prominent uses of chatbots are listed below-

1. Effectively serves the customer.

They are mainly assigned to addressing the growing concerns of the customer anytime and anywhere. In a variety of social network sites as well as applications they try to meet up with the customer queries. Some of the features of chatbots in this aspect are:

  • Gathering the registration data of the customer account.
  • Giving information to the customer.
  • Quickly answering the FAQs among many other concerns.
  • Makes the connection with the customer stringer with engaging interactions.

Overall, it creates a convenient experience for the user.

2. Transforming news or company-related information.

Sometimes if the customers are new to your site then you would get to know the benefit of what are chatbots used for! Yes, to the new visitors of your site who do not know much information as well as services your site provides, the chatbots help you by informing them about the details. The process is automatic for your online business.

And if you know to use it properly then it can be used effectively for branding your website.

3. Collecting customer leads.

Since a customer’s interaction with the chatbot is at the primary level, therefore, when the customer requires further assistance, the chat is transferred to the customer representative. In that case, as a feature of a chatbot, it transfers the customer lead information to the representatives. Sometimes, with some of the advanced chatbot, filtered valuable leads can also be sent to the customer representative.

4. All-time availability.

A chatbox is available at all times. Since it’s an AI-generated service, therefore, it is present 24*7 to address the customer. In this way trust setup is made between the clients and the company admins. At the same time, a chatbot can respond to multiple queries all at the same time.

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7 Benefits Of chatbots.

For chatbot usage, you already have assumed the support it gives to grow your company. And to consolidate the necessity of a chat pt for a growing business, here are seven other benefits of chatbots that give you a considerable edge as compared to other sites without a chatbot.

  1. Many customers find chatbot as a starting touchpoint for your site. Therefore, it gives a face to your growing company.
  1. A chatbot is a proxy for your absence. It is present 24*7 to respond to the growing number of queries or requests.
  1. The third of the benefits of chatbots is that it enhances the possibility to increase the sales of your site.
  1. One of the conversational marketing strategies is at the apex with chatbots. It makes the interaction process more engaging.
  1. By sending your customer feedback form or ratings, your chatbot helps you to know the insight of your customers.
  1. There remains consistency in interacting with your customers. Within a minute your chatbot replies to the clients and leaves no scope to satisfy them.
  1. There are no signs of a lack of patience with a chatbot. Since it’s not human-operated, therefore, it never fails in showing patience. As a result, the customer satisfaction level is also higher.

Thus, these were the top seven benefits of chatbots, which points out the success of robot-based AI technologies.

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How to build a chatbot for your website?

For your business, you can create your chatbot which will endure the profit of your company. Here’s how to build a chatbot!

Step 1. Figure out the chatbot type you will build.

You first have to chalk out the purpose of building the chatbot. And based on that you can create a chatbot of either of the two types.

  •  One is a rule-based chatbot, where there will be already present rules to converse.
  •  Or AI-based chatbot, which converses with the clients based on learning for the user input.

Step 2. Choose the channel for the bot.

You should build the chatbot on a platform where you think you will be comfortable looking after it. For that, you can choose,

  • Your host site.
  • Facebook messenger.
  • Of any other stand-alone mobile application.

However, in this step of how to build a chatbot! You can also use a multichannel chatbot strategy for your website.

Step 3. Select the technology stack.

As soon as you get to know about the section of customers you are serving and the types of responses you will address, then start picking the bots technology stack. You can also seek the help of DIY building platforms in this stage.

Step 4. Structure the conversation type.

Then you can create the chatbot conversation flow design as soon as you select the tech stack. In the case of the DIY platforms, the process gets more simple like the drag and drop responding options. But in case you selected a framework then you will require the assistance of a developer.

Step 5. Examine the chatbot.

As one of the benefits of chatbots, you can also test the bots to see if it’s ready to use with the clients. In this stage, you have to make your chatbots respond to the real human in a grace-full manner. As a tip for your chat or try to ask some of the difficult twisted questions to know whether it’s working properly or not.

How many days will it take to create a chatbot?

As soon as you get to know about the features and the process to build a chatbot, it is obvious from your part to have curiosity about how many days will it take to create a chatbot! Factors contributing to it are-

  • Whether the chatbot you have chosen is a free or paid version.
  • Selecting the tech stack and whether you use any DIY platforms or not.
  • Type of chatbot you choose.
  • Testing process of the chatbot.
  • And finally, what matters in deciding how many days will it take to create a chatbot is your satisfaction level.

But for most website developers, it takes approximately 15-30 days to create a chatbot. But do remember, it depends on the complexity of the process and the total function you wish to incorporate in the tool.

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Top 5 best chatbots in 2021.

There are unlimited chatbots available in the market. But only a few you can trust for flourishing your business. The below listed top 5 best chatbots in 2021 are popular in terms of their years of effective services. Those are-

1. MobileMonkey. (

The Mobilemonkey omni chat is a highly modified ai based chatbot that is famous for saving lots of time for the website owner. Some of the unique features of the site which gives it a uniquely privileged place as compared to others are-

  • There is a multiplatform chat content feature enabled. It helps in reaching a single chat content to every chat platform of the site.
  • The chatbot AI can communicate with the customers instantly within seconds on the commonly used messaging apps.
  • It helps in acquiring more leads. The users more than three times engage with the website vs char forms.
  • Helps in securing customer trust by convincing them to prefer chat over email or call. (As of now 75% of the customers have done so).
  • It is one of the best chatbots in 2021, because, for a certain period, there is a guarantee for money back without attracting more leads.
  • Instagram grows with an automatic tool for bloggers, influencers, and popular brands. All for free.

The MobileMonkey paid plan begins at $ 49 per month. For the primer plan, it is about $149 per month.

2. Zendesk. ( ).

The Zendesk suite assists your site to engage more with the customers at all times and in every place. Some of the popular brands which use Zendesk are Ola, ITC limited, Emiritius, etc. Top features of zen desk, making it the best chatbots in 2021 are-

  • Supporting systems from all types of media, chats, voice message email, and live chat.
  • Reaching customers anywhere across the globe.
  • Based on its AI technology, it customizes the chat and can appropriately predict when to be in the representative.
  • Thirdly, all the recorded information can be stored on a single screen.

The MobileMonkey paid plan begins at $ 40 per month. For the tailored solution plan, it is about $215 per month. You can also opt for a free trial if you want.

3. Tars. ( )

The customer support team widely used tars for optimizing the customer service conversations with a completely amazing experience. Also, more than five hundred popular brands have worked with Tars. Some of them are Vodafone, UCI, Bosch, etc. Tars are among the best chatbots in 2021 and include traits like –

  • More than 80% of super conversations with the clients are handled by Tars.
  • You can choose your favorite template from the 1000+ already existing templates.
  • You can also establish the chatbot among the popular widgets of the website. For example, Whatsapp or the stand-alone page.

Overall the chatbots of tar are easily used and modified.

4. ( )

collect chat has worked with more than twenty-five thousand website developers including some of the famous companies like Bank of Bhutan, Canda startup, Gov.Uk, etc. It helps in collecting feedback from the visitors to your site. Top features making it one of the best chatbots in 2021 includes-

  • It does not fail to attract leads even at odd timings of the day. It gives service for 24*7
  • The rate of conversation is higher with interactive chats.
  • Your chatbot can also bring glee to the customers with elements like gifs, question templates, and also the native language setup.
  • It promises about three times more conversations.

5. ChitChatChimp. ( )

ChitchatChimp as the fastest-growing chatbot has worked in close association with top companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, HP, NBA, etc. Some of the features with the chitchatchimp bot are –

  • Helps the customers of your site to make a wise decision along with the available options from the site.
  • Tackles the sales objectives to boost interactions.
  • Both cross-sells or upsells of products are possible with this chatbot.
  • It helps in collecting customer insight from their valuable feedback.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for one month.
  • Free of cost chat archive storage for 30 days.
  • Complete personalized designs for a chatbot.
  • You don’t have to pay recurring fees, it’s a one-time single payment.

some of the types of chatbots ChitChatChimp as one of the best chatbots in 2021 are :

  • Feedback bots
  • Customer support bots.
  • Sales bots.
  • Economic bots.
  • Training bots.

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Chatbots are a way of engaging more customers to your site and the best digital marketing procedure. It is better than the earlier email and calling customer support system because it is accessible for the customers anytime and anywhere of the day without extra charges. Moreover, some of the above listed best chatbots in 2021, will also help you in attracting leads three times faster than any other customer support system.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

  1. Is Chatbots free?

Answer – Yes, some of the chatbots come free. And some of them are Intelli ticks, quick, chatfuel among others. Free chatbots come with the features of we’ll define preset not templates, allowing the hot at sending emails, enabling to send attachments, etc.

Most paid chatbots also come free for a certain period. Some chatbots like chatfuel allow free usage of up to 1000 subscribers. For free chatbots, features are also limited.

  1. What are the charges for the Tars chatbot?

Answer – Mainly Tars have two types of plans. One is a professional plan which charges $83.25 per month and the other is a business plan which takes $416.58 per 30 days. The former is the basic plan and the latter is the much-advanced feature plan.

  1. The chatbot uses which algorithm?

Answer- Though there can be varied algorithms which the chatbot can use, in general, the chatbot uses NLP or Natural Language Processing algorithm. It helps in making the chatbot understand our language. And based on that analysis the possibility of building reasonable responses.

  1. Are Siri and Alexa also a chatbot?

Answer- Yes, both Siri and Alexa have been officially declared as a chatbot. With these, you can type your request to the chatbots, and then your requests will immediately start processing from the chatbot site. Other than them Google assistance is another chatbot.

  1. What is meant by FAQ bot?

Answer- The FAQ chatbot is most commonly used by companies to answer common queries by customers. However, as a precondition, those queries must have to be from the listed FAQs of your website.



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