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What is a page builder in WordPress

WordPress Page builder: features, advantages, best page builder 2021

Creating a page for your website requires both creativity as well as technical knowledge. Even a simple page like contact us can take a long time to get created. For example, it’s not just the information of your site, but you have to pin some of the top reviews of your site, the map of your site among other additions. But building a page can become easy for you if you use a convenient WordPress page builder. Which will take care of everything on your website page. Learn about what is a page builder in WordPress!, it’s a function, advantages, and other details in this article.

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What is a page builder in WordPress?

In easiest terms,  a WordPress page builder is a plugin that permits you for dropping as well dragging the elements at the backend of the page. There are several elements for you from which you can pick one for your use. Some of the most used ones are images, icons, buttons for the social media account, grids, video, and also some headers.

You must be feeling excited to try some of them on your website then just look for a good WordPress page builder. So, as of now, you know about what is a page builder in WordPress! Now, it’s time to explore more on the topic.

How to use a WordPress page builder?

With a WordPress page builder, you will not need any developer to build up your website, as you can do it yourself. Below stepwise you will get to know what is its use! and how to install a WordPress page builder.

Step 1. You have to install the plugin.

Some of the WP page builders come in total free of, you can download them from the page builder stores like

  • Once downloaded, you have to install the app through the WordPress admin panel.
  • Once installed, there will be no bugging issue, and you can notice the addition of a new item in the already existing menu. It’s one of the features of WordPress page builder, in the general settings page you can control the plugins as well as edit the page timely.

Step 2. Creation of the home page.

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, you may feel confused about what to do next! So, in that situation try some awesome layout for your website that the page builder offers you.

  • Then to know what is its use! You have to start composing the home page. For that add the picture which becomes the attraction of your site. Create the header icon or image if you don’t choose the default layout.
  • Then set some custom font for your heading from the font family.

Step 3. Create the contact us page.

In this section, you have to add your email, map, and other attachments through which the visitors of your site can contact you. In the free version, you won’t have any maps. So, for that you have to or for the paid version of the WordPress page builder.

So, in this way, the major elements of your site get the cover-up. And your dream new site gets created.

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Features of WordPress page builder.

According to the WordPress main page ( ), you will have below given features for WordPress builder on your site. Let’s began knowing what are they:

  1. You can choose any convenient payment plan for you.
  2. Based on your preference you can decide the extent of customization you can’t for the site.
  3. You can add your custom domain along with coordinating from
  4. You can select any theme from the multiple available themes on the page builder site. The themes are updated weekly and monthly.
  5. Another feature of the WordPress page builder is that it is mobile-friendly. You can operate from your mobile and the theme of the site will equally look great on a mobile phone.
  6. They have a friendly support team, so call them whenever you are in need. They are open 24*7.
  7. Have in-depth stats to analyze the viewers for each month.

Do I need a WordPress page builder? Advantages.

If you are inadequate of mind where you can’t decide and murmur to your mind that Do I need a WordPress page builder?  Then here are some of the reasons or advantages which will convince you to have a WordPress page builder for your website.

●  No need for learning to code for your website.

For a website page, coding is about everything. From the top list of Operating systems for you to know how to code it would have taken a lot of time. But with WordPress page builder, your heavy burdensome shoulder will be at ease. The page builder will take care of everything from making you select the layouts to any kind of website customization. You won’t have to spend bucks by hiring a developer for your WordPress site. There won’t be any extra charge on your part.

●  There are Pre-built modules for your page.

One of the advantages of the WordPress page builder is that you can have the choice of advanced options, from which you can choose some for yourself. You will have

  • CountDowns.
  • Progress bars
  • Galleries
  • Recent post section and more.

And all these modules will become accessible for you without even wasting precious time on setting up additional modules.

●  Customization of the website pattern.

Maximum of the page builders will allow you for customizing the above-given modules with the assistance of multiple options. You can choose many layouts by adding one salary layout. The gallery box now can be for you in different sizes, effects, and more. In some of the cases, you can also change the color and don’t style a particular module. For example, the progress bar module enables the user to use animations just with some clicks.

●  You can use templates.

Another advantage of the WordPress Page Builder is that you can use some of the prebuilt templates for the usage of your website. You can also have some demo pages to choose from. You can also use the templates after applying the layout option on your page.

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Top 5 Best paid page builder plugins in 2021.

Hiring a developer for the WordPress page is an expensive task. Instead, you can look for these best paid page builder plugins in 2021. All the best features you will find in the plugins. They are popular widely across the world.

1. Seedprod. ( )

It is one of the used landing page plugins with advanced features. You can design the best web pages through this drop builder along with its drag. Seedprod comes with multiple templates from which you can choose one for your site. Some of the features for seedprod are-

  • You can create webinar pages.
  • There are more than 100 templates available on the site.
  • Pages for maintenance are also there.
  • Under construction as well as countdown coming soon, pages can be created.
  • For enterprises, you can create sales pages.
  • Seedprod is one of the best paid page builder plugins in 2021 because it has more than 3000+ five-star ratings.
  • It is also verified from wpbeginner.
  • You can get a complete refund of your money within the 14 days of your paid subscription, in case it’s not working.

2. Visual composer website builder. ( )

It’s another drag and drop website builder where you can compose an amazing WordPress website for yourself. Some of the worth mentioning features that make visual composer one of the best page builder plugins in 2021 are-

  • You will have a real-time live editor with which you can view all the changes you made on the website page.
  • To customize edit content tap on any areas of the page.
  • Lots more options for professional templates.
  • You can manipulate the border, background, and other parallax effects.
  • There will be an edit option for the footer, menus, logo, and header.
  • For both the beginner as well as the developer it’s a useful tool.
  • For the paid version, it comes with $59 for one website.

3. Elementor ( )

One of the best visual drag as well as drag down WordPress page builders is Elementor. Some of the features making it the best page builder plugin in 2021 are-

  • It comes with 80+ elements like widgets, which helps in more generation of the traffic.
  • Easy customization options for all parts of the website.
  • There are ready-made templates that are less time-consuming.
  • Your site will design the layout in a manner that looks good for all websites.
  • For each site, it takes about $ 49.

4. Themify builder. ( )

It is one of the handy and easy use page builders built by the themify company. There are multiple options available for the theme. Features that proves Themify builder the best page builder plugin in 2021 are-

  • It has more than forty templates subjectively designed for varied types of websites.
  • You can end the page both at the backend as well as frontend with this site.
  • Arranging the columns, rows, and grids of the module is also possible.
  • It also has more than 69 animation effects. This makes the page more engaging as compared to others.

5. Divi builder.  ( )

It is one of the WYSIWYG editors you find for drag and drop pages. With this, you can easily preview the builder page. Some of the top features are:

  • It works well especially serving the purpose of the small business.
  • There is about 46 easy and flexible content available on the page.
  • It makes the user choose from some of the given elegant themes.
  • To instant start your website design there are readymade 20+ layout designs.
  • Yearly it costs about $89 for the website.

Thus, these five of the best paid WordPress page builder 2021 you can’t afford to miss.

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What is the best free Page Builder for WordPress 2021? Mention some of its features.

Apart from the above five best paid WordPress Page builders (among whom some of them also have free versions), there is another popular WordPress page builder which you can look at.

It is a king composer. Some of its amazing features making it the most popular site are-

  • It has a quality CSS system that you can use for formatting as well as building pages.
  • There are expert backend users like site origin which helps in making live changes on the site.
  • You also get a library to save all the screenshots which you can later apply in the change.
  • There are more than 850 + google fonts available on the page.
  • You can have as many as 5 columns with a king composer.
  • You can also add the widgets for WordPress.
  • There are more than one lakh plus active users all over the globe. There are varied themes also available for the WordPress Plugins.

These features answer the question of What is the best free Page Builder for WordPress 2021? And make you consider King Composer among other plugins.


There’s no reason to hire a developer and go through the process of a hectic coding process for developing your web page. Instead, save both time and money with some of these best paid WordPress page builders 2021. Various elements also come as a byproduct of these paid plugins.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is WordPress page builder free of cost?

Answer- As stated in the article, there is some WordPress page builder which is free of cost and includes some of the elements. For example, the king composer.
And others are paid versions which have facilities with topmost features. Some of those plugins are themify builder, elementor, seedprod, etc.

How much does a WordPress page builder cost?

Answer – The price range for a WordPress page builder varies as per region, features opted for, and the companies. But in general, the cost range is from $45-$59.

What is the lightest Page Builder for WordPress?

Answer- Similar to the Divi builder which users use in a fun way and easy operation, there is another lightest page builder.

  • Zion builder. ( )
  • Some of the highlights of the zion builder are-
    There is no need for coding and zero interferences for the page.
    It is one of the fastest as well as the lightest plugins in the market.
    It has numerous fancy temples along with other elements. It also has flexibility in the UI.
    Thus, zion builder is one of the lightest WordPress page builders.

    How to enable page builder in WordPress for free?

    Answer- You can start designing the WordPress page along with different page builder plugins just by hovering over the pages. Then you have to tap on add new then followed by that, within the editor page, an extra tab will get added which will be at the top of the text editor. Click on the tap to start the page builder plugin.



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