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Best WordPress plugin for SEO, Blog, Backup and Security 2021

A WordPress plugin is considered as one of the driving centers for the sector of digital marketing. And if you are new in the world of online marketing then you must have confronted several queries related to what is WordPress plugin! types and many more. All your queries will be answered in simple terms through this article. At the end of your reading, you would have a fairly good idea about the best plugin for various digital purposes ranging from blogging to media sharing

What is WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is simply a crucial bit of code that is used for plugging into your hosted WordPress site. And for the language of common users, with the WordPress plugin, you can have maximum features and functions for your hosting WordPress site. And you will be surprised to know that the developers till fate have already developed more than thousands of WordPress Plugins which will benefit you for various purposes. With plugins, you can make changes that can be as small as a minor tweak to important modifications for your existing site.

To be more clear, there are some WordPress Plugins that can even turn the website into active commercial sites. After knowing What is WordPress Plugin? Let’s move to the next part of the discussion. Visit to know more.

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Some of the best WordPress plugin 2021 in general.

As of the year 2021, some of the popular WordPress plugins are-

●  Woo Commerce.

The woo Commerce ( ) plugin is most recommended for ecommercial sites. The site helps in the calculation for the prices of shipping as well as calculates taxes and other offers related to PayPal, bank transfers, and Cash on delivery. With the premium membership in woocommece, you will have the exclusive feature of adding one-page checkout, add one, and cart abandonment emails.

●  Adobe fonts.

Are you on the way to making your WordPress site look even more attractive, then using Adobe fonts will definitely help you? The gives you the facility of customizing the font style of your WordPress site. For getting started you would need a creative cloud subscription or account. Adobe fonts are believed to be one of the best WordPress plugin in 2021.

●  The Search WP ( )

Try search WP is one of the owner-built plugins by WordPress. This helps the users in searching for content that they want to read which is the highly improved version. With this plugin, your users will get extra searching facilities like searching through post titles, keywords, PDF, and descriptions. For per site, the initial price is about $99.

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Best WordPress plugin for SEO.

 Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is much needed for the trafficking as well as popularity of a website. Keeping in mind, for your WordPress site, you can try out these best WordPress plugin for SEO.

1. SEMRush.( )

SEMRush is well known among the Seo building plugins. It is being referred to by experts, bloggers, marketers as well as different businesses. It grows the traffic of your site rapidly. The SEO Writing Assistant tools help the users for ranking among the top ten sites with the help of different focus keywords. The plugin is highly promising with its SEO rank tracker among the competitive market of digital marketing.

2. Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is widely used by not only SEO analysts but by bloggers. It helps in adding SEO titles and descriptions for every post on the website. Apart from that, you can use Yoast for attaching Graphs and social media images in the blogs and articles.

3. Rank Math.

Rank Math is best known for its user-friendly features and best optimizing social media posts and search engines. With this, you can add the meta title, attach graphs and social media images, and other descriptions for blog posts. However, if you are using another SEO plugin, like AIO SEO, then you won’t be able to access Rankmath on the site.

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Two of the best WordPress plugin for security.

Security is one of the topmost worrying matters while developing a WordPress site. Without a proper plugin that will promise security, all your important and confidential messages can get ported to your rivals’ sites. So, below you will find the top two best WordPress plugin for security.

●  WPScan. ( )

The plugin site was built in 2012 and offers some of the unmissable features to its users. They are-

  1. You will get email notifications.
    1. To search for malicious code, daily automated scans will be operated.
    2. Regularly audits about issues that can impact WordPress Plugins.
    3. The database of vulnerabilities is often scanned by the team as well as WordPress specialists.

The paid version of this plugin starts from $2.31 /- per month.

●  Google Authenticator.

Extra security is well maintained by setting up a two-factor authenticator. With Google Authenticator you will get some of the exclusive security plugins to feature-

  1. You will get an extra layer of security plugins.
    1. It is simple to use with an easy interface.
    2. You can customize the two-factor authentication you want to choose.

The best part about this plugin site is that it is free of cost.

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Best WordPress plugin backup.

Having a backup plugin for your WordPress site is extremely necessary keeping in mind the risk of a sudden crash of the site. For that, the best WordPress plugin Backup are listed below-

●  BlogVault.

Among the few most reliable backup sites, Blogvault is the one. Its most attractive features are available at reasonable prices at even less than $8 per month. With BlogVault, you can keep multiple backups in an easy-to-use manner. It also follows a simple migration feature.

●  Duplicator.

This particular WordPress plugin is widely accepted by users because of its numerous features. With Duplicator you can migrate, clone, and even move the WordPress sites within the domains.

●  WP Time Capsule.

This plugin works in integration with your device’s cloud storage app. Dye to which you can access information anytime in ten simplest ways. You can connect the plugin with numerous cloud storage options like Wasabi, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Some of the best WordPress plugin landing pages.

A WordPress landing page is the website page visitors often look at while searching the URL or search engine. This page welcomes the visitors and assists them in directing them to their sites. Name of the best WordPress plugin landing pages are-

●  Elementor.

With more than two million users, elementor is a widely used WordPress Plugin. With this Plugin, you would get a live editor, faster times to page load, and a drag and drop builder.

Other than that more than 100 already designed templates are accessible with elementor. The package for the plugin begins at the rate of $49 per year.

●  Qards.

Qards is one of the contemporary page builders WordPress plugin. With this, users can build creative pages with user-friendly options. With the Qards plugin, you will get elements like menus, footers, and google fonts. It comes in integration with MailChimp. There are both free as well as paid plans present in Qards.

●  WP Profit builder.

This plugin is particularly very profitable in the case of the creation of sale pages. The tools help in assisting with the requirement for creating high-converting landing pages. You will get more than sixty layouts for predesigned sales and marketing.

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Two best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing.

For the construction of extraordinary affiliate sites, nothing is more important than WordPress plugins. Here are the top two and best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. Those are-

1. Pretty Link Lite.

With the plugin, you can turn long and odd affiliate links into pretty links which gives the illusion of inbuilt links for the site. Therefore, with this, you don’t have to link to look funky and click the bank. Your link will appear as an affiliate link. Gm, for instance, And as a bonus point, it can also keep a track of the links that you would create.

2. Pinterest plugin.

One of the most traffic-rich sites in the world of the internet is Pinterest. And one of the smart strategies to get good traffic is adding the site for affiliate marketing. It will give you lots of traffic by attracting visitors to pin images from your site. The users also find it inconvenient to pin with only a single click to pin it.

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Best WordPress plugins to autopost in Facebook

There are some of the WP plugins which will automatically post on your Facebook official page of the website. To name a few –

●  The AccessPress Social Auto Post.

It is a premium-based plugin used for auto-sharing the contents of your site to the Facebook page. The process is very simple. You only have to set a social media site where you want to update the content with that of your site. You can configure for more than two accounts with the plugin. With this set, the Facebook post format and also if you wish can also disable or enable the auto-posting mode.

●  Nelio Content.

With Nelio Content you will have an auto-calendar for auto posting on Facebook and other social media platforms. A virtual content assistant will also help you with suggestions for marketing strategies.

●  Social Auto Poster.

With this plugin, you can auto-publish the recent as well as earlier posts. This functions for all types of formats like the custom post, page, and also for e-commerce products. You can pick your preferred posting days with this plugin.

This, if WordPress creates a site for your business then with the help of plugins only you can add additional features to it. With all these best WordPress plugin 2021 you will have a wonderful experience in building your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the best WordPress plugin for blog?
  • Though there are many WordPress plugins you can refer to for your WordPress blogging site but mainly five plugins you can’t miss. Those are Everest Forms, Yoast SEO, JetPack, wpDiscuz, and UpdraftPlus.
    And most of these best WordPress plugin for the blog have the following features of automatic backup contents, dedicated support from the experts, importing metadata from the images, and other homepage checks.

  • Can you name the two best WordPress plugin for Mailchimp?
  • Answer – With plugins like Mailchimp you can efficiently carry on email marketing. Two of the best WordPress plugin for Mailchimp are MailChimp WD whose price starts from $85 -$150. The plugin integrates with WordPress and helps with the unlimited subscription plan.

    The second MailChimp plugin widely used is Easy Forms for MailChimp. For this, you can have both free basic facilities as well as have premium plan

  • Can you name one best WordPress plugin for user registration and login?
  • Answer- One of the best WordPress plugin for user registration and login is WP User Frontend. With this plugin, you can manage the user profiles, imaging members, and settings related to post submission. With this plugin, you can create more than one registration form at a time with a display font called Gutenberg.
    Other inclusive features of this plugin are import or export of forms, uploading of attachments, customization of registration forms, etc.

    Other recommended best plugins for WordPress registration and login are Registration Magic, Profile Builder, Easy Registration Forms, etc.

  • Why should I use the best WordPress plugin for social media sharing? Can you mention two?
  • Answer- As per surveys m, there are more than three billion social media active users worldwide. And their number is ever-growing. Due to which it’s important to add social media plugins to your WordPress site. It helps you in addressing a wide range of audiences.
    Experts also consider social media as the most potent tool for social media marketing.

    Two of the widely used social media sharing plugins are Easy Social Sharing and Mashshare Social Media Share Buttons. Their features include- allowing or disabling the count of social media, adding different styles of share buttons, a wide range of filters, and developmental-friendly features.

  • Name one best WordPress plugin for live chat.
  • Answer-  For the live chatting features, nothing is better than the WP Live Chat Support plugin. For regional and multilingual experience it jas translation facilities, it permits auto live chat pop up, no subscription is needed and also there is a feature of enabling chat box to fit the registered users.



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